Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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How the Real Housewives built cable TV’s biggest fandom

Six former Real Housewives are sitting onstage in a packed ballroom in Manhattan when an audience member, during a question and answer portion, politely asks if Caroline Manzo would be willing to throw a slice of ham at him. Like, at his face. Caroline, the redheaded ex-matriarch of the Real Housewives of New Jersey with infinite quotable insults (“you hang out with trash, you start to smell like garbage”) and possible mafia ties, of course, says yes. So the guy gets on stage, ham in hand, and Caroline flogs him with lunch meat. The request is a reference to...

“Knowledge workers” could be the most impacted by future automation

The robot revolution has long been thought of as apocalyptic for blue-collar workers whose tasks are manual and repetitive. A widely cited 2017 McKinsey study said 50 percent of work activities were already automatable using current technology and those activities were most prevalent in manufacturing. New data suggests white-collar workers — even those whose work presumes more analytic thinking, higher paychecks, and relative job security — may not be safe from the relentless drumbeat of automation. That’s because artificial intelligence — powerful computer tech like machine learning that can make human-like decisions and use real-time data to learn and improve...

Disney says it doesn’t need data to make great shows

When it comes to deciding what shows and films to create for its new Disney+ streaming service, Disney is relying on its leaders’ creative instincts much more than it’s considering data points. That’s what Kevin Mayer, chairman of direct-to-consumer and international at Disney, told Recode’s Peter Kafka at the 2019 Code Media conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, one week after the launch of Disney+. The service debuted with an expansive library that includes its Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars catalogs, as well as a handful of new and exclusive movies and shows. It’s gradually going to build out...

Leaked emails show how Stephen Miller used Breitbart as his personal...

White House adviser Stephen Miller has already faced calls to resign following the release of a tranche of emails he sent to a former writer at Breitbart promoting white nationalist content and extremely restrictive immigration policies. Turns out, his relationship with the right-wing site runs even deeper. According to a new batch of those emails, shared first with the Southern Poverty Law Center and then reported by NBC News, Miller used his relationship with Breitbart staff to also direct coverage to advance his ideological and political stances. He commissioned articles damaging to Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, helped dictate editorial standards...

Ready to go Julian Alps hiking with us?

While visiting Slovenia, you just must experience a bit of Julian Alps hiking. You can see Mt. Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain from afar, and it is majestic. However, Julian Alps offer so much more than just this one remarkable mountain. When you go Julian Alps hiking with Altitude activities, we will make sure to show you some of the hidden areas that will blow you away. We offer several different tours that are adjusted to your fitness level, some are even family friendly and your kids can join you. And some are a bit extreme.

Best Anti-Hail Covers for Your Car

This anti-hail cover protects the car while parked or running on high-way, and suddenly a hailstorm starts. This specialized product is made with military-grade fiberglass, which helps to prevent any damage to your car. It can bear the winds up to 30mph. it is really easy to install and remove and also has a built-in anti-theft feature. These are not actually the best anti-hail covers as they can’t cover the whole vehicles. You have to pair it with other protectors. Fitted Car Covers

Catan – Rise of the Inkas

While playing Catan – Rise of the Inkas, you have to decline the early tribes twice so you can make way for the era of a new tribe. You get rid of all the constructed roads on the board and use vines to cover the settlement to signify that these are no longer up for development. However, it isn’t the end of the game. Once your tribe declines, you can put a new settlement on the available space on the board and continue with the game with the new settlement.

Best Camping Essentials Available on Online Camping Shops

1. Camp Stove Windshield  While scrolling down an online camping shop I came across this very useful tool for camping.  such windshields can protect the camp stoves even in very strong winds. 2. Hammocks Remember to get one or two-person hammocks to sleep under the stars. This will take a very little room in your backpack but will add a real romance in your camping experience. 3. Folding Camping Chair Online camping equipment: Folding Camping Chair

Factors to Look Out for When Buying FM Transmitter for Car

t’s essential to understand that FM transmitters have to convert your music to the radio signal, which is basically how radios pick up signals and play back. In most instances, the process may result to loss of sound quality. As results, you need transmitters that reduce loss signals. Interference is the primary barrier to great sound quality on FM transmitters. Look for a device that comes with a noise-cancelling feature. It will help keep the signal free from any unnecessary noise so the sound is clear and crisp.