Finally, the second trailer for Detective Pikachu. Finally, the dawn of a new era for humanity!

The movies that push this artform we call “the cinema” forward aren’t always obvious from afar. Did anyone know Citizen Kane would change the language of how films are shot and edited? Was The Godfather, based on a disreputable potboiler and plagued with production problems, on anyone’s radar when it first hit theaters? Remember how 20th Century Fox had next to no faith in Star Wars?

And yet sometimes you can see a future cinematic classic coming from so far away that you add a Google calendar invite for yourself and everyone you know on the evening …

Vox Sentences: A truce in the trade war

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Trump is optimistic about a trade deal with China; unrest during Nigeria’s national elections.

A China tariff deadline gets postponed

Alex Wong/Getty Images
  • The US won’t increase tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods — for now. President Trump tweeted the decision Sunday, saying the US is making progress in trade talks with China. [Vox / Jen Kirby]
  • There actually