The 7 most bizarre moments from Trump’s long-winded CPAC rant

The off-script, expletive-dropping Donald Trump that we first met on the campaign trail in 2015 is back in front of cameras.

Trump took to the stage at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference this weekend for a long-winded and very quotable rant against the many perceived villains weighing down his presidency: namely the media, federal investigators and “socialist” challengers in the 2020 election. He started off the event by bear-hugging a staff with the American flag, setting the tone for the rest of his appearance — reportedly the longest speech of his presidency.

It was his first public address …

Trump first suggested North Korea wasn’t responsible for Otto Warmbier’s death. Now he’s walking it back.

President Donald Trump can be shamed into (kind of) walking back comments that reflect kindly on known tyrants — all it takes is resounding criticism that overshadows any of his related accomplishments.

After receiving widespread negative coverage of comments he made earlier this week appearing to absolve North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in the death of Otto Warmbier, a US student who died after being imprisoned in North Korea for over a year, Trump said Friday he was “misinterpreted.”

At a summit between the US and North Korea earlier this week, Trump was asked by reporters if he had …

Vox Sentences: Kushner’s security clearance secrets

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Jared Kushner’s clearance level raises questions; Canada’s prime minister faces an ill-timed accusation.

Trump reportedly gave his son-in-law top clearance

President Trump Hosts Roundtable With Hispanic Pastors In The Roosevelt Room Of White House Alex Wong/Getty Images
  • Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, got a top-secret security clearance despite objections from key White House officials because the president himself ordered it, according to a report Thursday from the New York Times. [NYT / Maggie Haberman, Michael S.