Playing hooky to save the climate: why students are going on strike

Thousands of young climate change activists around the world have refused to go to school in recent weeks, and more strikes are planned, including a worldwide strike on March 15.

“We are the voiceless future of humanity,” activists wrote in a letter published Friday by The Guardian. “Now we will make our voices heard. On 15 March, we will protest on every continent.”

To date, students in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Uganda, Thailand, Colombia, Poland, and more have skipped a day of school to demand stronger action on climate change from their governments. …

Vox Sentences: Trump gets nothing

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The Hanoi summit comes to a contested early end; Israel’s prime minister faces potential indictment.

Trump-Kim summit ends abruptly

Vietnam News Agency/Handout/Getty Images
  • The summit between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Kim came to an early end Thursday; both leaders returned home empty-handed from Hanoi, and without success to show, they may not be as optimistic about future negotiations. [