Mark Halperin says his conduct has changed. His commentary is the same.

Mark Halperin swears he’s changed his personal conduct since he was accused of sexually harassing or assaulting a dozen women, and I certainly hope that is true. But his public conduct as a political pundit, which is also important, has not changed.

On Thursday, Halperin appeared on Sirius XM radio with host Michael Smerconish, a prominent #MeToo critic, and said he’s sorry for how he’s hurt women. Halperin is accused of masturbating in front of young women while he was the political director of ABC news and slamming a woman into a wall, among other things. He said he understands …

Howard Schultz hasn’t gotten into policy specifics. Here are 4 ideas from women candidates who have.

“Why am I here, and why am I considering doing this?” Howard Schultz asked during a town hall event on Thursday hosted by Fox News.

That’s what a lot of other people are wondering, too.

The former Starbucks CEO is mulling running for office as a centrist independent. A third-party candidate has never won a presidential election in the United States, but Schultz seems to believe he’s the exception — and because he’s a billionaire, he can fund his bid himself.

During the Fox News town hall hosted by Martha MacCallum and Brett Baier, Schultz tried to make the case …