White House: We’re not considering busing migrants to “sanctuary cities.” Trump: Yes, we are!

Nothing makes President Donald Trump more convinced that something is a good idea than people telling him he can’t, or shouldn’t, do it.

On Friday, that meant endorsing — as a plan under “strong considerations” — a proposal that the White House had told reporters hours earlier was simply discussed in passing and rejected for good.

On Thursday night, the Washington Post reported that on two occasions — in November and again in February — the White House had tried to pressure Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to deposit immigrant detainees in “sanctuary cities” like the San Francisco district of …

Julián Castro really wants to talk about immigration, but he’s most impressive talking about his work

Immigration has been at the emotional center of politics ever since Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower to proclaim himself the candidate who would stop Mexico from sending rapists and murderers to despoil our country. Thursday night, former HUD secretary Julián Castro tried to make immigration the center of his presidential campaign at a CNN town hall in Washington, DC.

But immigration has mostly driven politics as a symbol. Talk of a wall animated candidate Trump as metonymy for the elites’ betrayal of promises on border security. For Democrats, the wall became a symbol of the president’s ignorance …