Fandom’s new “ship dynamics” meme is all about our fave romantic tropes

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter this week, you may have noticed an outpouring of fandom art as part of the viral “ship dynamics” meme — in which people, mostly fanartists, are sharing their love of their favorite kinds of relationships through stick figures.

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of a “ship,” it’s a very popular term within fandom, a shortened form of the word “relationship” that’s used both as a noun to describe a romantic pairing you love (e.g. “Han/Leia is my favorite ship”), and a verb to describe the act of “shipping” that pairing, or rooting …

The Seth Rich conspiracy theory needs to end now

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, released on Thursday, raises a lot of new questions — but in one section, in just under 320 words, it answered another one, putting to rest one of the most harmful political conspiracy theories in recent memory.

The report definitively disproved the notion that a Democratic National Committee staffer named Seth Rich was the source of leaked DNC documents later published by WikiLeaks, and that his July 2016 murder came as the result of his decision to leak those documents to WikiLeaks.

This wasn’t true, although Trump associates like Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, and …

Vox Sentences: Decoding the Mueller report

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A (redacted) Mueller report is finally released; North Korea’s foreign minister wants Pompeo out of nuclear negotiations.

The long-awaited Mueller report is released

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
  • The long-awaited report on special counsel Robert Mueller’s more than two-year Trump-Russia investigation was finally released, with redactions, shortly after 11 am — and the results may be more damning for President Trump than expected. [