Texas may pass a “Save Chick-fil-A” bill

In March, the San Antonio City Council voted to remove a proposed Chick-fil-A location from its airport concession agreement, citing the fast food chain’s record of donating to organizations that discriminated against LGBTQ people. Now, conservatives in the Texas state legislature are trying to pass a law that would ensure something like that never happens again.

On Wednesday night, the state Senate passed a bill that would forbid the government from penalizing businesses (and individuals) on the basis of their charitable giving or religious affiliation, the Dallas Morning News reports. The bill, which supporters call the “Save Chick-fil-A bill,” …

Vox Sentences: North Korea’s worst drought in decades

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San Francisco becomes the first US city to ban surveillance using facial recognition technology; a severe drought in North Korea threatens the country’s already limited food supply.

San Francisco bans facial recognition technology

Steffi Loos/Getty Images
  • San Francisco is now the first US city to ban the use of facial recognition surveillance technology by law enforcement or other government departments. [San Francisco