Mexican president to Trump: tariffs and coercion won’t work

President Donald Trump is threatening to start a trade war with Mexico, but Mexico’s populist President Andrés López Obrador isn’t having it.

Trump warned Thursday evening, over Twitter, that he would soon start taxing imported goods from Mexico if the government doesn’t do more to stop the flow of migrants from Central America who are seeking asylum at the US border.

López Obrador responded within a few hours with a scathing letter that he posted on Twitter. He invoked Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, pointing out that those US presidents respected Mexico’s sovereignty — a veiled warning for Trump …

Trump’s new plan to tax Mexican imports, explained

In a couple of dramatic tweets, backed up by a briefing call featuring acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, the Trump administration rolled out a new policy aimed at coercing Mexico into halting the flow of Central American asylum seekers into the United States — a 5 percent tax on Mexican imports rising steadily to 25 percent unless Mexico cracks down on migration.

There appears to be, as is …