How YouTube sent one man down an alt-right rabbit hole

YouTube has been criticized often in recent weeks for hosting content created by radical actors, and has also been censured for how it has handled this criticism.

The video sharing giant’s policies on harassment and hate speech and its enforcement of these policies faced public scrutiny last week after Vox journalist and YouTube host Carlos Maza expressed his frustration with ongoing personal attacks he has faced from popular fellow YouTuber Steven Crowder.

Cory Booker’s plan to fix the housing crisis and make renting affordable

Presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker has united policies he proposed during his time in Congress into a new affordable housing plan, which he unveiled while on the campaign trail late last week.

Booker has made affordable housing central to his campaign, and often tells the story of his parents’ struggle to buy a home in stump speeches. He told that story once again in an op-ed published in the Reno Gazette Journal that promotes the plan.

“Fifty years ago this month, a couple and their young family were looking to move into a neighborhood in New Jersey with great …

Vox Sentences: Trade wars ruin everything

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A new jobs report signals a slowing economy; UN human rights experts allege a “staggering number” of unlawful deaths in the Philippines.

A sharp drop in job creation could signal bad news for the economy

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • Job creation dropped drastically in May, with initial estimates suggesting a number much lower than what experts had initially predicted. [NYT / Nelson D.