The 5 best TV shows of June 2019

June 2019 was a huge month for new TV debuts and returning TV favorites. I normally try to whittle these monthly lists down to a handful of shows worth commenting on, but in June, that was harder than ever, with so much to choose from.

Though not all of the month’s spoils measured up, there was still plenty to like, including a wildly enjoyable “horror” comedy, a hardboiled crime drama, and even a sketch comedy series that I — a notorious non-fan of sketch comedy — liked more than I didn’t. Summer TV is going great guns, but these are …

Big Little Lies season 2, episode 4, recap: “She Knows” puts Meryl Streep on offense

So far, one of the great things about Big Little Lies second season is how Meryl Streep’s character, Mary Louise, plows through the intricate web of shared secrets and lies around her.

The fourth episode, “She Knows,” makes it clear that she’s opposed to the Monterey Five for reasons beyond just generation gaps, fashion sense, and a distressing willingness to gaslight rape victims; she’s quite gleefully setting herself up as their No. 1 enemy, and it’s kind of wonderful to watch.

But she’s not the only too-prescient mother in this situation. Bonnie’s mom, Elizabeth (Crystal Fox), is also taking …