How one House Democrat is forcing a vote about impeaching Trump

All year, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to avoid a messy House of Representatives debate on impeachment — but this week, her luck ran out.

Using a procedural tactic known as a privileged resolution, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) has forced the House to take action on articles of impeachment against President Trump. On Wednesday afternoon, then, the House began voting on the matter.

However, there may not be a direct vote on whether Trump should be impeached. First, members are voting on whether Green’s impeachment resolution should be set aside (“tabled”), as leaders of both parties want.

A “yea” vote …

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The Department of Justice will not file charges against the police officer accused of fatally choking Eric Garner; China feels the effects of its prolonged trade war with the US.

Officer accused in Eric Garner’s death won’t be charged

David McNew/Getty Images
  • The officer accused of fatally choking Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, will not be charged with any federal crimes. [