Political tension at Google is only getting worse

Google has had a challenging year. The company is already beleaguered by external scrutiny and criticism from politicians and the public over how it moderates content on its platforms. It’s facing an antitrust probe. And at the same time, it’s struggling internally to deal with rising tensions with both its liberal and conservative employees.

On Thursday in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, a former Google engineer, Kevin Cernekee, accused Google of firing him for expressing his conservative political beliefs at work and claimed the company fosters a culture of politically biased bullying. While Google said …

Vox Sentences: Crisis averted — kind of

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The Senate passes a budget deal that will hopefully prevent a future government shutdown; massive wildfires in Russia could have global impact.

The Senate passes a broad two-year budget deal

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
  • The Senate passed a two-year budget deal that would significantly increase government spending and raise budget caps — and President Trump is already expected to sign the deal. [NYT