The fish tube is more than a meme. It could help save ecosystems.

Humans everywhere were captivated over the weekend by a viral video of salmon being transported from one estuary to another through a giant overland pneumatic tube — a.k.a. the “fish tube.”

The jaunty video, which shows fish shooting through the sky like checks in a bank drive-thru, chronicles the work of a bioengineering company called — wait for it — Whooshh Innovations. The footage originated in a tweet from live stream news platform Cheddar, which quickly went viral:

From there, the denizens of the internet did their thing, with many reacting to the fish tube like it …

Succession season 2: 4 winners and 4 losers from the premiere

Something smells rotten inside the Roy family’s palatial summer estate as the second season of Succession begins.

The Roys have retreated to the home in the wake of the devastating series of events that bound them ever more tightly together at the end of season one. They might all hate each other, but there are several wild cards in the mix that any one of them could play at any time to take out any other member of the family. Everything from the dark and murky records of horrible occurrences on board the family company’s cruise ships to former golden …