Social media’s conspiracy theory problem isn’t going away

After convicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide in jail this past weekend, conspiracy theories surrounding his death almost immediately jumped to the top of Twitter’s trending recommendation page. #ClintonBodyCount and tweets mentioning the Clintons — and the baseless conspiracy theories that the Clintons have orchestrated many murders over decades — were widely circulated on Twitter, a major gathering place when news breaks.

Conspiracy theories, and their ability to spread at lightning speed, are what happens when some of the worst aspects of human psychology are amplified by the internet. We keep seeing this happen over and over

Vox Sentences: Endangering species

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The Trump administration rolls back protections for endangered species; an attempted attack on a mosque in Norway is thwarted.

Fewer protections for endangered species

Mark Conlin/VW PICS/UIG via Getty Image
  • The Trump administration is rolling back protections for endangered species in ways that will benefit oil, mining, and coal companies. [Gizmodo / Brian Kahn]
  • Under changes to the Endangered Species Act,