ACLU, Tofurky ask for an injunction on Arkansas’s anti-veggie burger law

A new law in Arkansas bans grocery stores from calling veggie burgers “veggie burgers” and calling soy milk “soy milk.”

The justification? That consumers might get confused about whether veggie burgers are made of beef and whether soy milk comes from cows.

That does not impress opponents of the law, who sued last month, arguing that the vague, expansive restrictions Arkansas put in place are an unconstitutional burden on free speech. Many legal experts say that they’re likely to win their case — but such cases can take a long time to wind their way through the courts.

For that …

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States sue the Trump administration again, this time about the environment; Hong Kong protesters shut down the airport for the second day in a row.

States fight to keep an Obama-era climate rule

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  • A coalition of 22 states and cities, including California and New York, have sued the Trump administration for rolling back an Obama-era regulation that was the first