Why Spider-Man’s future in the MCU isn’t as bleak as it seems

Toward the end of Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye is running with the Infinity Gauntlet, and asks Captain America what to do with it. To save the universe, they and their fellow Avengers need to get the Infinity Stones it holds to a safe place. But standing in their way is an army led by Thanos’s most fearsome generals, as well as Thanos himself.

Seeing as Hawkeye can’t get past all those foes on his own, the Avengers orchestrate a plan on the fly, passing the Gauntlet among themselves like relay racers headed to the finish line.

It just so happens …

Jay Inslee, the climate candidate of 2020, is ending his campaign

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is officially out of the Democratic race for president, he told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night. But he’s still intent on keeping climate change at the forefront of the national conversation.

“It’s become clear that I’m not going to be carrying the ball, I’m not going to be the president,” Inslee told Maddow Wednesday night. “I’m withdrawing from the race, but I’ve been fighting climate change for 25 years, and I’ve never been so confident of the ability of America now to reach critical mass to move the ball.”

Inslee entered the massive primary …