Jack Dorsey’s hack encapsulates Twitter’s struggle with problematic content

The Twitter account of the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey was hacked to send out multiple white supremacist tweets on Friday — in many ways, it was a perfect encapsulation of Twitter’s most fundamental problems.

On the Friday afternoon before Labor Day weekend, Dorsey’s 4.2 million followers began to see a series of messages with everything from racial epithets to anti-Semitic remarks about the Nazis to bomb threats. Dorsey’s tweets remained online for about half an hour before they were all deleted.

Twitter didn’t …

Vox Sentences: Methane emissions run free

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The Trump administration wants to roll back regulations on dangerous methane emissions; Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte returns to his post nine days after he resigned.

The administration threatens progress on climate change again

  • The Trump administration is planning a major rollback on the regulation of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and pollutant whose emissions are often linked to climate change. [