UK Parliament gives Boris Johnson his third defeat in 2 days

The UK Parliament has voted to block a no-deal Brexit, an attempt to prevent Prime Minister Boris Johnson from pulling the country out of the European Union without a plan in place.

Members of Parliament pushed the vote through Wednesday, a day after Parliament seized control to do exactly this.

Lawmakers are moving at a rapid clip, after Johnson decided to suspend Parliament for five weeks, starting as early as September 9. Johnson — who’s promised to leave the European Union on October 31, with or without a Brexit deal — effectively tried to limit the number of …

Vox Sentences: Fire in the water

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Conception ablaze

Santa Barbara County Fire Department
  • The fire that erupted in the predawn hours Monday on a scuba diving boat near Santa Cruz Island in California has killed at least 25 people, with nine more still unaccounted for. [Reuters / Omar Younis]
  • Mobilization for the search-and-rescue operation began after a distress call was made from the Conception, the flaming vessel,