Smaller communities are “seceding” from larger school districts. It’s accelerating school segregation.

America’s schools are becoming increasingly segregated, research has found, with black and Latino students attending schools that are more likely to be predominately non-white and low-income than that of their white peers. Now, a new study finds that the creation of predominately white “splinter” school districts plays a significant role, by making it even harder for school integration to occur.

The findings come from research recently published in AERA Open, a journal from the American Educational Research Association. The study focuses on what education activists refer to as school “secession,” a process where smaller, new school systems are …

Vox Sentences: Another migrant crisis in Europe?

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Hurricane Dorian lowers in intensity as it travels through the US; Turkey’s president threatens to “open the gates” and let 3.6 million Syrian refugees into Europe.

The latest updates on Hurricane Dorian

Sean Rayford/Getty Images
  • Hurricane Dorian downgraded to a strong Category 2 storm on Thursday morning, grazing past the Carolina coasts and likely making landfall later today or Friday, according to the