Hong Kong’s protesters created their own “national anthem”

In an online video, protesters in riot gear sing and play instruments. They have violins tucked under chins covered with masks, drumsticks swinging in black-gloved hands. And together, in Cantonese, they belt out the soundtrack to the Hong Kong resistance: a new, if unofficial, national anthem.

“Glory to Hong Kong” (Or “Glory be to thee, Hong Kong”) has become the rallying cry of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, one that’s being sung in unison by crowds in malls and even at a soccer game this week. It’s the latest act of opposition by demonstrators, who for months …

Vox Sentences: The gig economy is in trouble

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California Senate passes a landmark bill protecting gig economy workers like drivers and couriers; a rocket explodes in Kabul on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

A win for California contractors

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • A landmark bill to regulate Uber, Lyft, and other gig economy powerhouses was approved in the California Senate on Tuesday, possibly transforming the state’s employment landscape by turning many