The Trump administration just inked another deal making it harder to claim asylum in the US

The Trump administration signed an agreement Wednesday that could require immigrants coming to America through Honduras to seek asylum there, regardless of whether they’re seeking help from the United States under international torture agreements or the asylum system.

The administration signed a similar agreement with El Salvador on Friday and another with Guatemala in July. Neither has gone into effect yet. Together, the three countries are the source of most migrants crossing the southern border.

The terms of Wednesday’s agreement, which are not yet public, allow the US to send migrants back to Honduras, in addition to El Salvador and …

Welcome to the June issue of Vox’s The Highlight

Facebook, and by extension, Instagram, doesn’t let weapons companies or retailers advertise the use or sale of firearms. But the rule doesn’t apply to gun influencers. In this month’s cover story, we go inside the world of the hired guns who have emerged to fill the gap: a sea of women whose cheery posts posing in athletic wear with gun pockets can skirt the rules.

Also in this issue, we explore the distinctly human need for speed; talk with journalist Anna Fifield’s on her jaw-dropping revelations about the misunderstood life of Kim Jong Un; look at a social

Scientists: humans are rapidly turning oceans into warm, acidifying basins hostile to life

Without the world’s oceans, climate change would actually be much worse. The oceans directly absorb about a quarter of the CO2 we have been spewing into the atmosphere. They also take in most of the heat generated by global warming. And they have been a buffer against even greater warming. But though they protect us, the oceans also are in great distress, as a sweeping new report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change clearly shows.

“The ocean has been acting like a sponge, absorbing heat and carbon dioxide to regulate global temperatures, but it can’t keep up,” IPCC …

How WeWork’s “fiasco” could threaten Silicon Valley’s rich and powerful

The knives are out for Silicon Valley’s most controversial investor.

WeWork’s plummeting valuation and the ouster of its CEO Adam Neumann on Tuesday has unleashed new frustration with SoftBank, whose name has become shorthand for the debate about whether Silicon Valley is indeed in a financial bubble.

SoftBank, WeWork’s largest outside shareholder, is just one of the thousands of investors who back startups in Silicon Valley. But none have reshaped the entire landscape of tech investing like SoftBank has, and so how it fares carries enormous weight in Silicon Valley.

Three years ago, SoftBank raised $100 billion — an enormous …

Vox Sentences: The dam breaks on impeachment

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House Democrats start an impeachment inquiry; Puerto Rico prepares for another tropical storm after avoiding an earthquake.

“No one is above the law”

  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Tuesday evening — a watershed event that might not ultimately lead to the president’s impeachment, but starts a process that could end up there. [