What you need to know about the House impeachment inquiry resolution

On Thursday, House Democrats will vote on a resolution formally laying out the next steps and procedures of their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Technically, House committees have been in the middle of an impeachment inquiry since September, but this vote marks the next big step, especially as lawmakers and committees move from closed-door depositions to public hearings.

As Vox’s Li Zhou explained, the resolution lays out five key aspects of committee procedures going forward, including detailing how the House Intelligence Committee will actually conduct public hearings, who will get to ask questions, and saying that the House …

A wealth tax could have unpredictable effects on politics and philanthropy

We should be wary of a wealth tax because Henry Ford hated Jews.

That’s the argument Harvard economist and former director of the National Economic Council Larry Summers made on Twitter last Saturday, stirring up such a firestorm that he had to apologize and clarify.

His argument: Henry Ford was an anti-Semite. If there had been a wealth tax in his day, he might have spent his money instead of leaving it to a foundation vulnerable to such a tax. Instead of his fortune going to the Ford Foundation, which went on to support many worthwhile causes, he would …

Vox Sentences: Gerrymandering loses in North Carolina

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North Carolina court orders new map

  • A North Carolina state court has thrown out the state’s Republican-drawn map of congressional districts — ordering the state to draw a new map, even if that means postponing the 2020 primary elections. [The New York Times / Michael Wines]
  • This isn’t the first time this year that North Carolina’s legislative maps have lost in