Trump and the Navy are on a collision course

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — A fight between President Donald Trump and the Navy has spilled out into the open over a controversial case involving the Navy SEALs — and it may lead to a top Pentagon official resigning in protest.

Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher was accused of murdering an ISIS captive, shooting civilians, and threatening those in his charge who gave their superiors information on him during his time in Iraq. He was acquitted by military jury of those charges in July, but the Navy still demoted him after he was found guilty of posing in a photo next …

Climate activists brought Harvard-Yale football game to a stop to protest fossil fuel investments

More than 150 students and alumni protesting the two institutions’ financial ties to the fossil fuel industry halted the annual Harvard-Yale football game Saturday. The demonstrators took to the field during the game’s halftime, demanding the schools sell their stakes in fossil fuel companies.

As Vox’s Umair Irfan has reported, both Harvard and Yale rely on funds, bonds, and assorted financial instruments to keep their endowments strong. Increasingly, students and alumni have become concerned that the institutions are profiting from the climate crisis, and see a divestment pressure campaign as a way to encourage the schools to invest in more …

Why climate activists disrupted the Harvard-Yale football game

More than 200 climate activists brought the annual Yale-Harvard football game to a halt Saturday to protest both universities’ investment in fossil fuels.

Carrying a banner reading “Nobody wins: Yale & Harvard are complicit in climate injustice,” students rushed to the 50-yard line and stalled play until police arrived and began arresting them.

At $39.2 billion, Harvard’s endowment is the largest academic fund in the world. It grew 10 percent last year. In 2018, it paid out $1.8 billion in dividends, more than one-third of the university’s operating budget. Yale isn’t far behind, with an endowment of $29.4 billion. Right …

Devin Nunes was directly involved in the push for Biden Ukraine investigations, says Lev Parnas

Ed MacMahon, a lawyer for Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, who faces charges of campaign finance violations, has told the Daily Beast that his client helped Republican Rep. Devin Nunes arrange meetings meant to advance the Ukrainian investigations into the Biden family that are at the center of the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Now, another lawyer for Parnas — Joseph A. Bondy — has told CNN that Parnas is willing to testify before the House Intelligence Committee about Nunes’s involvement in the Ukraine scandal. Nunes is the ranking member of that committee, and in that capacity has …

Amazon lost a $10 billion Pentagon contract to Microsoft. Now it’s blaming President Trump directly.

The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, is taking on the world’s most powerful.

Amazon on Friday filed a legal challenge to the Department of Defense’s surprise decision to award a hard-fought $10 billion cloud-computing contract to Microsoft last month, and notified the Court of Federal Claims that it plans to use two videos of President Trump’s comments about the deal to make a case of interference.

The legal protest was filed under seal to protect trade secrets, but Amazon previously announced that it believed there was “political influence” and “unmistakable bias” involved in the decision.

“We … believe it’s critical …

Vox Sentences: 3 days of hearings and one notepad

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The biggest impeachment week yet

  • The last scheduled public impeachment hearing wrapped up Thursday. Now Democrats and Republicans are fighting about whether the evidence presented is enough to impeach President Trump. Both sides complain that partisan opposition is holding up important evidence. [NBC News / Jonathan Allen]
  • Here are the basics on how we got here — and what could happen

Google employees protest the company’s “attempt to silence workers”

A group of roughly 200 Google employees and other protesters rallied outside of the search giant’s offices in San Francisco on Friday, demanding the company reinstate two colleagues who they say were unjustly punished for workplace organizing at the company — calling it an attack on accountability and transparency in tech.

Google has said the employees were placed on administrative leave for violating company policies about accessing sensitive internal documents and monitoring employees’ calendar events. But employees are objecting to those claims, saying the documents in question were not sensitive and that monitoring public calendar events is not breaking any …