2020 Democrats on who controls your data — and who’s at fault when it’s mishandled

To find out how 2020 Democratic candidates would use their presidential powers to address different aspects of technology, we sent seven key questions to every campaign. This post includes six candidates’ answers to the fourth question. You can find answers to the other six questions on the landing page.

Who should control Americans’ online data? And how should tech companies be punished when they fail to properly protect and steward this data?

Bernie Sanders: [I believe] that Americans have the right to their own data and that there should be strict penalties for companies who are negligent in protecting that …

When doing the right thing makes you a criminal

For most of his life, Wayne Hsiung was a typical overachiever. He attended the University of Chicago, started his PhD in Economics, became a law professor at Northwestern, and was mentored by Cass Sunstein. But then, something snapped. In the midst of a deep, overwhelming depression, Hsiung visited a slaughterhouse and was radicalized by the immense suffering he saw. Now, as the co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere, he faces decades in prison for rescuing sick, injured animals from slaughterhouses.

Open rescue missions are so powerful because they are sacrificial. They are meant to demonstrate the injustice of a system that …

The new bill that would create a crime called “abortion murder,” explained

Ohio legislators last month introduced a measure that would, if passed, become the most restrictive abortion law in the country.

The bill creates a new felony called “abortion murder,” making people who have or perform abortions subject to life in prison. It also includes a provision suggesting that doctors should attempt to reimplant an ectopic pregnancy in a patient’s uterus, a procedure medical experts say is not possible with current medical technology.

The legislation has not yet received a vote, but it’s already generated controversy around the world. For its sponsor, Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller, it’s a way to …

Vox Sentences: 700,000 people are about to lose food stamps

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Trump limits SNAP food stamp benefits

  • A new Trump administration rule would make it harder for states to waive work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which could lead to hundreds of thousands of people losing their benefits. [NPR / Pam Fessler and Rachel Treisman]
  • Childless adults who aren’t working or enrolled in education or training at least part-time can