Bloomberg’s first TV interview showed him to be exactly who progressives feared he was

Former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg finally sat down for his first television interview since announcing his run for the White House — and it did not go smoothly.

In an interview with CBS This Morning broadcast on Friday, Bloomberg struggled to respond to criticism that he was buying the election, invoked a troubling trope while referring to African American Democratic candidate Sen. Cory Booker as “well-spoken,” and falsely stated that he had never been criticized about his controversial stop-and-frisk program before running for president.

The missteps and false statements are likely to intensify progressive criticism of the billionaire Democratic …

Uber says it’s focusing on safety. Its new report shows that there’s far more to be done.

Uber released a on Thursday, disclosing that more than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported last year on US rides. The 84-page report, which analyzes ride data from 2017 and 2018, comes amid a wave of increased scrutiny over the ride-sharing giant’s safety practices, an issue Uber has publicly made its focus in the last year.

It’s the first time that Uber — or any major American ride-hailing company — has made data regarding sexual assault and ride fatalities publicly available.

Among the assaults reported in 2018, there were 235 reported rapes and more than 1,500 cases of non-consensual kissing, touching, …

Could this be Trump’s orange makeup?

This week, The Washington Post published a story about the experience of undocumented workers employed by the Trump Organization, both before and during his run for the presidency. It’s full of anecdotes of hypocrisy and raises important questions about immigration and underpaid labor.

But buried many paragraphs into the narrative is a section detailing Trump’s unusually specific habits and requests, like requiring exactly 2.5 boxes of Tic Tacs in his bedroom at all times. Then came this sentence: “The same rule applied to the Bronx Colors-brand face makeup from Switzerland that Trump slathered on — two full containers, one half …

“Professional bridesmaid” is an actual job. Meet a woman who does it.

No one has more best friends than Jen Glantz. The 31-year-old entrepreneur works with anywhere between 20 and 35 brides per year since breaking ground on her business, Bridesmaid For Hire, in 2015. The gist of her pitch is remarkably simple: Glantz is not a wedding planner, she will not schedule the father-daughter dance or color coordinate the unruly groomsmen, but she will serve as the emotional fulcrum on the biggest day of your life by being the best bridesmaid she can be. Sometimes that job is easy. Sometimes all it takes is eating cake and breaking in the …

Jeff Bezos finally added two more women to Amazon’s senior leadership team — joining 19 men

It took more than two years, but Jeff Bezos has promoted more women to Amazon’s “S team,” an elite group of senior company executives who run the sprawling tech giant and still consists mainly of white men.

In recent weeks, Amazon promoted Amazon Fashion vice president Christine Beauchamp and Amazon advertising vice president Colleen Aubrey to the senior leadership team, along with four male executives. Beauchamp and Aubrey now join Amazon’s human resources chief Beth Galetti as the only three women in what will be a 22-person group as of the new year.

The “S-team” has regular and direct …

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Articles of impeachment are on their way

  • Thursday, Nancy Pelosi gave a televised address asserting that the House will move forward with the impeachment inquiry, following Wednesday’s first House Judiciary Committee hearing. [Vox / Andrew Prokop]
  • The speaker said the House will vote on articles of impeachment, but didn’t give a deadline. [CNBC / Kevin Breuninger]
  • ”Our democracy is