The Irishman is very long and very popular, says Netflix

The Irishman, the Martin Scorsese/Robert De Niro/Al Pacino/everyone else who’s ever been in a mob movie movie, is very long.

It’s also very popular on Netflix, says Netflix.

Netflix subscribers in more than 26 million homes around the world watched the movie in the first week it was available on the streaming service, Netflix announced today. The company thinks that number will hit 40 million within the first month of The Irishman’s digital debut.

It’s a shiny statistic, and an important one for Netflix, which wants to prove it can be the home of big, popular movies …

Democrats — and Trump — declare victory on USMCA

It’s official: There is now a revised revised NAFTA.

On Tuesday, House Democrats announced that they’d back the United States Mexico Agreement (USMCA), the updated version of the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that the Trump administration renegotiated last year.

Democrats are supporting the agreement now that they’ve secured changes to the deal, achieving concessions on labor and environmental rules and enforcement, prescription drugs, and other provisions that had long been sticking points between House Democrats and the administration.

“There is no question, of course, that this trade agreement is much better than NAFTA,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at …

The silent “sixth” sense

The Highlight by Vox logo

Sana, a petite 31-year-old French woman with curly brown hair, is strapped to a chair at the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health. In front of her, a desk. Surrounding her, 12 infrared cameras tracking her every move. The test is about to begin.

On the desk, a black cylinder stands upright. It’s topped with a silvery plastic ball. Here’s the challenge: She’s asked to touch her nose and then touch the ball in front of her. Easy. She touches her nose. She touches the ball.

Now comes the hard part.

A lab technician tells her to close …

Tucker Carlson on why conservatives should crack down on “vulture capitalism”

On Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show last week, he accused prominent hedge fund manager and long-time Republican donor Paul Singer of “vulture capitalism” — an economic model that, in Carlson’s view, valorizes “ruthless economic efficiency” over American communities.

Specifically, Carlson referenced the small town of Sidney, Nebraska, once the headquarters of the sporting goods store Cabela’s. In the segment, Carlson detailed how Singer’s fund pushed Cabela’s board to sell the company, ultimately merging it with Bass Pro Shops. Following the closure of Cabela’s Sidney headquarters, roughly 2,000 people lost their jobs.

As Carlson argued, “The residents of Sidney didn’t get …

Vox Sentences: The investigation into the investigation

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The FBI’s watchdog growls

  • A long-awaited report is out by the Department of Justice’s internal watchdog into the 2016 investigation of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. The report criticizes “inaccuracies and omissions” in warrant applications but found no direct evidence of anti-Trump bias. [Politico / Josh Gerstein]
  • Read the executive summary of the report here. [Washington Post]

What the IG report found

The Department of Justice inspector general’s report on the Russia investigation is finally here.

In the report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the DOJ’s independent watchdog, discredits the right-wing conspiracy theory that the FBI was motivated by political bias against Donald Trump when it opened the investigation into his campaign’s ties with Russia. But the report also documents errors and missteps throughout the course of the investigation.

In other words, the report will probably do little to settle the partisan debate about the Russia investigation.

Here’s what the report found — and didn’t find.

A brief overview of the IG report