Senate Republicans have already made up their minds on impeachment

Members of the full US House of Representatives are likely to approve articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump this week, moving the impeachment process forward to the Republican-controlled Senate for a trial.

Sunday, Republicans and Democrats made their disagreement on what impeachment means clear, as lawmakers in both parties agreed that the president is unlikely to be removed by the Senate, while each group lamented how partisan politics have shaped impeachment proceedings thus far.

As attention moves to the Senate trial ahead of the historic House vote, Democrats have been quick to argue Republicans in the upper chamber aren’t …

Top Democratic candidates ask the DNC to allow more candidates to participate in debates

Nine Democratic presidential candidates sent a letter to the Democratic National Committee Saturday urging the party to ease the qualification requirements for upcoming debates, highlighting tensions within the party over the decline of candidates of color in a primary field once heralded for being the most diverse in US history.

To make the stage for the December debate — which most candidates have pledged to boycott over a labor dispute at the venue — the party required candidates to receive at least 4 percent in four DNC-approved polls, and have at least 200,000 individual campaign donors.

The requirements for a …

UN climate talks in Madrid ended without resolving their toughest issue

MADRID – An exhausting international negotiation session on climate change concluded Sunday with an agreement among countries to take on more ambitious goals. That agreement, however, failed to resolve the main issues on the table, like creating rules for trading carbon emissions credits and helping developing countries pay for climate damages.

Almost 200 countries at the two-week United Nations meeting known as COP25 did approve a statement calling on them to do more to fight climate change by next year, when the next round of national commitments to curb greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris climate agreement are due.

But …