Nancy Pelosi’s outfit at the House impeachment debate sent a subtle message

Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened the impeachment debate in the House of Representatives on Wednesday dressed in a crisp dark suit to embody the solemn tone of the event.

She stood next to a poster featuring the image of the American flag and the excerpted quote from the Pledge of Allegiance, “to the Republic for which it stands,” which she cited in her floor remarks as “what we are here to talk about today” in the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The Democrat-controlled House is expected to vote along party lines to impeach the president, and as speaker, Pelosi is a …

How the 2014 Christian film God’s Not Dead became a hit and spawned an ideological empire

It flew below the radar. It didn’t screen at Sundance. It doesn’t boast any marquee names or flashy special effects. It wasn’t produced by a major studio, or distributed by an art-house darling. It received bad reviews.

But the 2014 film God’s Not Dead was still one of the more successful independent films of the decade. It more than quadrupled its $2 million budget in its opening weekend, and when it closed 40 weeks later, it had made more than $60 million in the US. (Worldwide, the film grossed almost $4 million.) Indie filmmakers dream of that rate of …

Welcome to The Highlight’s Decade Issue

Was there a decade that moved faster than the 2010s? Was there a period of time that brought so much change, and upheaval, and heartache, and renewal of the spirit? Was there a decade so exhausting? Here, at the very end of it all, it hardly seems possible.

If the 2010s had a common theme, it’s safe to say it was technology, which propelled us forward with occasionally uncomfortable force, giving us the means to share selfies and record police violence, to shout “Me Too” and be duped by disinformation, seemingly all at once.

In the midst of all the …

Vox Sentences: 737 Max-ed out

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Boeing is going to stop making the 737 Max

  • Aerospace company Boeing announced that it will suspend production of its 737 Max jetliner in January following two crashes of the model that were linked to poor safety standards. [Wall Street Journal / Andrew Tangel, Doug Cameron, and Alison Sider]
  • An ongoing Department of Justice investigation into deadly crashes earlier this year