Exclusive: State Department cable shows plan to restrict pregnant people from visiting the US

The State Department has told US embassies across the world to deny visas to people they suspect are coming to the US to give birth, according to diplomatic cables obtained by Vox — guidance that gives broad discretion to consular officers and could prove dangerous to pregnant people seeking medical care.

The cable, sent Wednesday afternoon and marked “sensitive but unclassified,” turns a suspicion among immigration restrictionists that people are trying to game America’s visa system into official US policy, starting on Friday, January 24. The apparent goal is to clamp down on foreigners giving birth to children in the …

Chief Justice John Roberts calls for decorum as impeachment devolves into fight over who lies more

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts issued a stern warning to the House impeachment managers and President Donald Trump’s counsel in the final hours of the first day of the Senate impeachment trial after speeches by both sides began to feature personal attacks.

Both House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler and White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow called each other liars; Nadler accused senators of treachery; and Sekulow said it was Nadler who was being treacherous.

“It is appropriate at this point for me to admonish both the House managers and the president’s counsel in …

The glaring problem in Trump’s legal argument against impeachment

This weekend, while most Americans were enjoying an extra day off, the US House managers of President Trump’s impeachment and Trump himself both filed their opening briefs in the impeachment trial.

The House manager’s brief is more than 100 pages long and reads, well, like a legal brief. It details, with citations to legal authorities and to the record, the evidence that Trump pressured Ukraine “help him win his own reelection by announcing investigations that were politically favorable for President Trump and designed to harm his political rival,” as well as evidence that Trump obstructed the congressional investigation into his …

San Francisco Pride voted to ban Google and YouTube from its parade

Google and YouTube may no longer be welcome at one of the world’s largest LGBTQ Pride Parades.

Last week, members of the organization San Francisco Pride (SF Pride) voted to ban Google from participating in future celebrations, saying that the company doesn’t do enough to protect LGBTQ persons on its platforms, particularly those who are the target of harassment and hate speech on YouTube. The move is a significant shift in attitude towards a company that historically has been regarded as a corporate leader in its support of the LGBTQ community, and is now under scrutiny for its perceived lack …

The Saudi crown prince reportedly hacked Jeff Bezos

It’s been a while, but remember that allegation that the Saudi government may have hacked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos?

A report in the Guardian claims it wasn’t just any Saudi government hacker — it might have been Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) himself.

Sources claim MBS may have personally sent Bezos a video file on May 1, 2018, via a WhatsApp chat. It’s not clear what the video contained, the Guardian says. “But a forensic technical analysis of the file has found that it is ‘highly probable’ it contained malware that penetrated Bezos’s mobile phone and exfiltrated a …