Trump’s Space Force boldly goes where Star Trek went before

Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump tweeted out the new — and yet surprisingly familiar — logo for the United States Space Force, a new branch of the military focused largely on orbital satellites.

As pretty much everyone on Twitter who is familiar with the science-fiction canon pointed out almost immediately, this logo very closely resembles that of Starfleet, the …

Trump’s impeachment trial countermessaging has been tasteless and incorrect tweets

President Trump’s counternarrative to his Senate impeachment trial has been to post increasingly bad tweets.

This was especially apparent on Thursday, when Trump posted a remarkably tone-deaf tweet about trucks “pushing snowflakes aside,” then followed that up with another using a photoshopped image to smear former President Barack Obama. Those tweets came hours after he posted a string of complaints about the impeachment trial that mangled basic facts, and a day after he set a single-day posting record with more than 140 tweets and retweets — a record that seems unlikely to survive the trial.

Trump’s tweets continue to be …

Is it okay to sacrifice one person to save many? How you answer depends on where you’re from.

Who’s more likely to throw you in front of a runaway trolley in order to save a bunch of people’s lives — someone from America or someone from China?

That might sound like a bizarre question, but psychologists and philosophers are interested in it because it helps us get at an underlying question: To what extent does our cultural context shape our morality?

We now have a ton of new data on this, thanks to a cross-cultural study published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. By getting 70,000 participants in 42 countries to respond to …