5 things to know about Bernie Sanders’s aggressive climate strategy

Sen. Bernie Sanders is now the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential election, according to recent nationwide polls.

Since climate change is likely to come up at Wednesday night’s debate in Nevada (where he also leads a recent poll), it’s worth reviewing what Sanders has said about one of his most key issues.

Every Democrat in the February 19 debate in Nevada has put out a proposal, or several, to deal with climate change. That’s not surprising given how important this issue is in the primary, particularly for young voters.

But Sanders has …

The mutually beneficial war between Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg, explained

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has spent hundreds of millions on television ads, but he understands the value of free media as much as anyone else and has made an aggressive push in recent days to define the Democratic presidential nominating contest as a race between himself and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders’s campaign has responded in kind, working aggressively online to portray Sanders as the anti-Bloomberg and Bloomberg himself as a kind of mini-Trump.

Sanders has called out Bloomberg on the campaign trail, but overall the spat has played out largely on Twitter, a platform on which …

Christopher Caldwell’s big idea: The civil rights revolution was a mistake

America is a divided country.

If I asked you to work backwards to the origins of the culture war or to the event that set us on our current course, what would it be? Vietnam? Watergate? The Iraq War? Donald Trump?

A new book by Christopher Caldwell, an influential conservative journalist, proffers a surprising answer: the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Caldwell’s book, The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties, has become a must-read among right-leaning intellectuals. The book isn’t exactly an assault on the initial Civil Rights Act so much as an attack on its legal outgrowths. …