The conspiracy theories about the origins of the coronavirus, debunked

The signs that the small, scattered coronavirus outbreak in the United States could spiral into a larger-scale problem are growing. A new analysis, first reported by STAT, found there are likely now 500 to 600 (mostly undetected) cases of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in Washington state alone. “January 1 in Wuhan was March 1 in Seattle,” computational biologist Trevor Bedford, who did the analysis, told STAT, referring to the Chinese city where the virus emerged and began rapidly infecting humans.

The decisions federal and local public health officials make this week — to test more …

California primary live results

California, with its whopping 415 pledged delegates, is Super Tuesday’s biggest prize.

Because of its new primary date, the populous Western state takes on greater significance in the nomination process this year. Previously, California wasn’t slated to vote until early June, when the nominee had typically already been chosen. But to increase its influence, state officials moved its primary up to Super Tuesday for 2020.

The presidential race was far from the only thing on the ballot, though. All 53 congressional districts held House primaries, and the 25th Congressional District also conducted a closely watched special election to …

Facebook doubles down on removing coronavirus conspiracy theories

Social media companies are increasing their vigilance about removing coronavirus conspiracies. Facebook, in particular, continues to update its policies as the outbreak — and corresponding disinformation — spreads.

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg reiterated in a Facebook post that the platform was removing conspiracy theories related to the coronavirus that have been flagged by global health organizations, in addition to labeling coronavirus misinformation with “fact check” labels to let users know that such content had been rated false. Zuckerberg also said that Facebook is providing the World Health Organization (WHO) “as many free ads as they need.” At the same time, …

Request Pending: Inside the Members-Only World of Online Beer Trading

Since 2004, Russian River Brewing Company has built a whirring local tourist economy around the yearly release of its famously hoppy triple IPA, Pliny the Younger, available on draft at its Sonoma County brewpubs, then distributed in kegs to a small number of area bars a week later. Last February, during its 15th annual Pliny release, the beer generated more than $4 million in visitor revenue, according to the Sonoma County Economic Development Board. But this month’s 16th annual Pliny release resulted in a whole new secondary economy. For the first time, Russian River put the previously draft-only beer …

Why support for Medicare-for-all didn’t translate into a bigger Super Tuesday for Bernie Sanders

In 2020 primary exit polls, most Democratic voters have said they support Medicare-for-all, but, as the Super Tuesday results showed, that stance hasn’t always translated into votes for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The exit polls from Super Tuesday repeated the trend we had seen in the early states: a majority of primary voters say they would support replacing private insurance with a single government plan, as Sanders’s Medicare-for-all plan would do. The margins varied across the day’s states, with the more liberal places being more in favor and moderate ones being more evenly split, but the trend was consistent.…

7 key House primaries to watch on Super Tuesday

While the Democratic presidential race might be front of mind this Tuesday, March 3, there are also plenty of primaries for congressional seats happening on Super Tuesday — ones that could have an impact in November as Republicans attempt to wrest the House speaker’s gavel back from Nancy Pelosi.

Voters in 14 states and one territory will head to the polls (or caucuses, if you live in American Samoa) on Tuesday. And though not all of them will hold primaries for down-ballot races, some — like California and Texas — are home to a handful of especially contentious races for …

Who is winning the Super Tuesday delegate count so far

As votes are still being counted, here’s the total delegate count for Super Tuesday so far, powered by results from our partners at Decision Desk and the Virginia Center for Politics.

As of 11:30 pm Eastern Tuesday, the following numbers of Super Tuesday delegates have been awarded:

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden: 169 delegates
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders: 98 delegates
  • Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg: 19 delegates
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 5 delegates

These results will be updated throughout the night.

The magic number to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for president is 1,991 delegates. It could take months to …

Super Tuesday: Live results

Super Tuesday is the biggest voting day in the Democratic nomination process, and the results in its 15 contests — which you can follow below — will be enormously consequential in shaping the field going forward.

With the results in the four early states in the books, the Democratic contest is now primarily about one thing: the delegate count. And that count will be dramatically transformed by Super Tuesday. Just 155 delegates (4 percent of the total) were allocated in the early states, but 1,344 delegates (34 percent of the total) are now up for grabs in this day’s …