Disney delays Mulan due to coronavirus

Disney is postponing the highly anticipated live-action remake of Mulan in the wake of growing concerns about the novel coronavirus.

Disney not only delayed Mulan, which would have been released March 27, but also two other upcoming films: the teen X-Men movie New Mutants (previously scheduled for April 3), and the horror film Antlers, which Disney acquired when it acquired Fox Searchlight (previously scheduled for April 17). New release dates for the films have not yet been announced.

“As you know, this has been a rapidly evolving situation,” a Disney spokesperson stated in a March 12 press …

Coronavirus is already here. Blocking travelers won’t prevent its spread.

Despite President Donald Trump’s sweeping ban on non-US citizen travelers from Europe, the consensus among public health experts is clear: At this point, restricting travel can’t prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Epidemiologists have long observed the failure of travel restrictions to contain other infectious diseases, such as influenza. It also seems to be true in the case of the coronavirus outbreak so far: China and Italy both adopted stringent restrictions on domestic and international travel but were unable to avert a pandemic. It’s true that case numbers finally started dropping recently in China, but as epidemiologist Bruce Aylward told

The Safest Ways to Dine Out During the Coronavirus Pandemic (If You Must)

Like schools, workplaces, and other venues where there may be large gatherings of people, restaurants have been hugely impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic that continues to unfold across the U.S. and around the world. Plummeting foot traffic — driven by concern and preventative measures over the spread of COVID-19 — has resulted in a sharp decline in sales, with many local restaurants, bars, bakeries, and other eateries forced to close or lay off staff as a result.

But not everyone has to give up dining out right now. While there will always be inherent risk in …

Bernie Sanders finally wins California

It’s finally official: Sen. Bernie Sanders has won the California primary, guaranteeing him an influx of delegates and momentum as he tries to stave off gains by former Vice President Joe Biden.

While this victory was expected, it’s taken on greater importance for Sanders, enabling him to claim a major Super Tuesday success after Biden swept the lion’s share of states in the past two weeks. Of the 14 states that voted on Super Tuesday, Sanders won only four. And in the week that followed, he’s picked up just one so far.

As such, this California victory is significant. …

Trump’s Europe travel ban might not do much to stop the coronavirus’s spread in the US

President Donald Trump announced a sweeping ban on travelers coming to the US from Europe as part of the administration’s plan to combat the coronavirus — a move that experts say distracts from the reality that the virus is already spreading among people within the United States.

In a primetime address from the Oval Office Wednesday night, Trump said that the United States will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days, though the United Kingdom will be exempted. The order will go into effect Friday at midnight. Trump also noted that …

Why the coronavirus canceled the NBA

“If even one player comes down with coronavirus, the [NBA] would suspend instantaneously because of the cascading effect of quarantines,” ESPN basketball reporter Brian Windhorst told me on Wednesday afternoon.

It only took a few hours for Windhorst’s prediction to pan out: On Wednesday night, the NBA announced that a player for the Utah Jazz had tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus, and that the league was suspending its games “until further notice.”

That announcement also adds context to a jaw-dropping scene that happened on Wednesday, when fans in Oklahoma City, who had come to see the Thunder play …