Trump has tested negative for coronavirus, White House says

President Donald Trump has tested negative for coronavirus, just one day after he took the test and after multiple exposures to people who had contracted the disease.

During a Saturday press conference, Trump surprisingly told reporters that he was tested the night before for Covid-19, the official term for the novel pandemic coronavirus. Hours later, Trump’s physician released a letter to the public saying “This evening I received confirmation that the test is negative” and that “the President remains symptom-free.”

It’s unclear if other top White House officials have also undergone a coronavirus test, though, during Saturday’s press conference, …

The 2020 election calendar

The Democratic presidential primary has been going on for months. But 2020 — the election year — is finally here, and it’s an understatement to say that it will be a busy year in US politics.

February brought the first four early-state Democratic caucuses and primaries, starting in Iowa on February 3 and continuing through New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. March began with Super Tuesday on March 3: the single biggest delegate prize of the primary calendar. As the year continues, the primary will run through June, followed by the Democratic and Republican conventions (in July and August, respectively), …

The infuriating experience of coronavirus testing, explained by a patient

Devin, a 35-year-old living in Chicago, woke up on Tuesday morning and felt sick.

He had body aches, a fever, and a dry cough. His doctor recommended he go to an emergency room that had access to the coronavirus test. Devin had reasons to think he could be at risk of the infection: he had been traveling in Southeast Asia for much of February. He had also broken his arm upon returning, putting him in contact with other patients at hospitals and doctors’ offices the week before his symptoms showed up.

At the hospital on Wednesday they tested him …

Trump is banning travelers from the UK to combat coronavirus. Domestic travel restrictions could come next.

President Donald Trump announced Saturday that he will expand his European travel ban to include the United Kingdom starting Monday night in effort to curb the spread of coronavirus. And he said he is weighing domestic travel restrictions as well.

Trump began barring entry for all travelers from Europe for 30 days on Friday. Americans returning from Europe who submitted to screenings and citizens of the UK and Ireland were initially exempt, however. He changed course on Saturday, announcing that the UK and Ireland be subject to the European restrictions starting on Monday at midnight ET, based on the recommendations …

The House just passed a bill guaranteeing free coronavirus testing and emergency paid sick leave

The House of Representatives voted Saturday morning to approve a bill aimed at easing the economic toll the novel coronavirus has on individuals, but the Senate won’t be able to take it up until at least Monday, because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has sent senators home for the weekend.

Despite this, the bill — which passed the House on a bipartisan basis — is expected to proceed through the Senate successfully, because President Donald Trump expressed his support for the measure on Twitter Friday night.

Just after midnight on Saturday morning, House lawmakers voted 363-40 to pass H.R.6201, …

Live results for the Northern Mariana Islands caucuses

The Democratic presidential primary is between two major days of voting right now — last week’s six-state extravaganza and March 17’s batch of four delegate-rich primaries — which means that it’s the Northern Mariana Islands’ time to shine.

The tiny US territory in the Pacific is holding its caucuses this Saturday, March 14, starting at 6 pm local time (4 am ET). There are six delegates at stake with two candidates — former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders — still in the running for the nomination.

Of the two, Biden is in the strongest position right now, …

Democrats have finally struck a deal with the White House on a coronavirus package

Democrats and the Trump administration finally have a deal on a multi-billion coronavirus stimulus package — which includes paid sick leave, paid leave to care for family members, and mandating free testing — after a long day of negotiations between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Those negotiations were nearly upended when President Donald Trump declared “we don’t think the Democrats are giving enough,” at a White House press conference Friday afternoon, but Trump finally tweeted his support on Friday evening: