What the military can and can’t do in a coronavirus response

With civilian hospitals increasingly overwhelmed and the coronavirus outbreak in America deepening, defense and medical experts say there’s one way to help: Put the military to work.

For over a century, America’s armed forces have dealt with medical crises across the globe. Many service members today have the expertise to assist with medical care; build MASH hospitals; provide shelter; or transport food, medical equipment, and people to meet the needs of the public. That’s already happening in Georgia and Florida and New York, for example, where those states’ National Guards were called to help combat Covid-19, the disease …

Amazon is banning some non-essential items during the coronavirus pandemic

Faced with merchandise shortages in the US and Europe due to the new coronavirus outbreak, Amazon on Tuesday instituted sweeping changes on which products it will store and ship from its warehouses over the next three weeks in a move it said was aimed at keeping essential items in stock and speeding up orders.

Early Tuesday morning, Amazon said it would be “temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock and deliver these products to customers.”

The company said most of the products …

March 17 primaries

The third-biggest night of the Democratic presidential primary might take place this Tuesday, March 17.

At least three states — Arizona, Florida, and Illinois — will hold their primaries then; until this week, Ohio was set to join them, but Gov. Mike DeWine recommended Monday that the state opt to delay in-person voting over the coronavirus outbreak. Now, Ohio’s primary is in limbo, with the state supporting a lawsuit that would delay voting until June 2.

If all four states do vote together on Tuesday, they make up one of the biggest delegate-awarding days of the entire primary, behind …

A judge has rejected the Ohio governor’s request to postpone the state’s primary

The Ohio primary is likely to proceed as expected on Tuesday, after all.

A judge on Monday evening rejected Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s request to delay the primary amid coronavirus concerns. DeWine had argued that holding the primary Tuesday could endanger voters and poll workers, given the influx of coronavirus cases. Since DeWine didn’t have the power to cancel the primary himself, he pushed for a court order that would delay it.

Franklin County Judge Richard Frye, however, argued that the request wasn’t “timely” enough. As Ohio Capital Journal’s Jake Zuckerman reported, the judge concluded that the situation may …

Live results for the March 10 primaries

The Democratic presidential race is now a two-way contest between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders — and Tuesday, we got our first real look at how that head-to-head matchup will play out.

These March 10 contests were much less “super” than those from last week, but it’s an important day for the nomination battle — it’s the third-biggest delegate day left in the calendar. About 9 percent of Democrats’ pledged delegates were up for grabs in six states: Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, and North Dakota.

Biden emerged from Super Tuesday with a significant but not overwhelming delegate