Facebook will start nudging users who have “liked” coronavirus hoaxes

Facebook just announced another step in trying to set the record straight about misleading information about the novel coronavirus on its platform. In the coming weeks, the company will start directing people who have previously “liked,” reacted, or commented on “harmful misinformation” about Covid-19 to information from more authoritative sources, such as a myth-busters website by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This represents one of the first times Facebook will warn a specific set of users who have interacted in the past with false information. Experts have argued for years that the social network is rife with misleading information that …

How Fox News is playing fast and loose with American lives, illustrated by one Dr. Oz clip

As President Donald Trump pushes for the relaxation of social distancing guidelines and the resumption of something resembling pre-coronavirus social and economic activity, his supporters on Fox News are reaching for talking points to justify this course of action. A recent appearance on Hannity by Dr. Mehmet Oz illustrated how this search has run into significant moral roadblocks.

Dr. Oz — who got his start years ago on Oprah and has lately become a ubiquitous presence on Fox News, making daily appearances in which he regularly promotes unproven, dangerous drugs — made a case on Tuesday that reopening schools is …

Poll: Americans are afraid of ending the coronavirus lockdowns too soon

Part of the coronavirus conversation in the US is turning to the question of when to start reopening the country. President Donald Trump certainly wants to do it as soon as possible, based on the theory that the public is demanding to be let back out into restaurants and retail stores so they can resume a normal life.

But as of right now, that doesn’t appear to be true at all. Instead, Americans still seem onboard with social distancing and much more fearful about the health risks of opening up the country too soon than the economic risk of a …

How to help people during the pandemic, one Google spreadsheet at a time

It’s been replicating like crazy over the past few weeks, spreading from person to person, city to city, country to country.

The coronavirus, yes — but also the mutual aid meant to combat it.

By this point, many of you may have seen the Google Docs, Google Forms, and other spreadsheets circulating online with the words “mutual aid” in the title. That’s a fancy way of saying we should all help each other get through this pandemic, giving what we can to neighbors and strangers alike. In these shared documents, thousands of people are jotting down their contact information …

Coronavirus is causing a mental health crisis. Here’s how to fight it.

Austin Hollinger has been dealing with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder for several years, ever since he was bullied at school. Now 19, he relies a lot on his friends to help him feel better day to day.

Hollinger is disabled and doesn’t drive, so his friends would often come to him. But with Alabama, where he lives, under a shelter-in-place order, most of them aren’t able to visit anymore.

“I’ve been very isolated,” he said, “which is not good for anyone.”

It’s a message many mental health experts have been sending in recent weeks, as millions of Americans face …