The US reportedly ordered millions of N95 masks from unproven suppliers

The United States government has ordered 20 million N95 masks for health care workers through a set of suppliers that are overwhelmingly unproven and untested, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

At least 80 percent of the masks, which are due to be delivered by the end of May, are being ordered from vendors which either haven’t done business with the government before or haven’t previously provided medical equipment specifically to the government. The government’s heavy reliance on untested suppliers of medical equipment raises questions about the quality of the masks, and whether they will …

Nearly two-thirds of Americans think Trump acted too slowly to fight coronavirus 

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe President Donald Trump acted too slowly in responding to the coronavirus in the United States, according to a new report from the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, reflecting a disconnect between how the public and the president views his performance.

The study — which featured 4,917 US adults, and was taken from April 7 to 12 — did find a partisan split in attitudes on the president’s early response. Republicans overall were more likely to agree with the president’s claim that he acted “way too early” in responding to the threat posed by the virus, with …

Americans are using the #TwitterFoodBank hashtag to help each other buy groceries amid the recession

On Saturday, the top trending Twitter hashtag in the United States was #TwitterFoodBank. The premise is simple: families in need tweet using the hashtag, explain how they’re struggling economically, and leave their account name with Square’s Cash app, which enables strangers reading their tweet to send money their way.

#TwitterFoodBank has been championed by Michigan private equity investor Bill Pulte and the nonprofit Team Giving, which says it’s inspired by Pulte’s habit of giving out large sums of money to strangers on Twitter and that it’s received seed funding from Pulte.

Team Giving has also been soliciting donations …

Report: The CDC contaminated its first coronavirus tests, setting US back on testing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) failed to follow appropriate manufacturing procedures while developing the United States’ coronavirus test, resulting in contamination that delayed making tests available nationwide, according to an investigation by the Washington Post’s David Willman.

News of the mishap comes as states are grappling with how and when to reopen their economies. That can’t be done safely until widespread testing is available, and experts say the US is woefully behind.

The CDC violated its own standards when developing the testing kits in a lab that was also working with synthetic coronavirus material, the …

Some governors are easing coronavirus restrictions. Experts say it’s too soon.

A number of governors across the United States are easing coronavirus restrictions in their states or are announcing plans to do so, despite warnings from public health experts that the nation needs better and more widespread Covid-19 testing capacity before severe social distancing measures can be safely scaled back.

Friday, Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota reopened golf courses, bait shops, outdoor shooting ranges, parks, trails, driving ranges, and said other outdoor activities will be allowed. Also on Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida allowed some beaches and parks to reopen and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced imminent plans to reopen …