How Bon Appétit’s wildly popular YouTube channel is making videos in quarantine

The quarantines and social distancing mandates that have brought many American cities to a near standstill have also completely halted production in the film and television industries. A few intrepid TV shows are experimenting with episodes filmed in quarantine, but for the most part, the entertainment industry is taking a wait-and-see approach.

And yet YouTube is full of channels that are still putting out the same great videos as ever. That’s relatively easy to do when a channel is predominantly run by one or two people who can collaborate online. But then there’s the case of Bon Appétit.

One …

The coronavirus could tear the EU apart

Almost as soon as the coronavirus arrived in Europe, countries began turning inward, putting their own citizens’ needs first and ignoring pleas for help from their neighbors. European Union member states closed their borders for the first time in decades, and competed against each other for vital medical supplies, including ventilators.

But the biggest rifts between the nations have opened up during recent negotiations over an economic rescue package, which pitted richer countries against poorer ones — just like during the eurozone debt crisis at the beginning of the previous decade.

The ongoing pandemic is testing the concept of …

The coronavirus pandemic has people rethinking their plans for having kids

One of Jaquelyn Yeh’s patients ran out of birth control when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

She ended up going a week without the medication and having an unplanned pregnancy. Thanks to the economic crisis that has come along with the pandemic, she and her partner are both facing furloughs from their jobs. Yeh, a family medicine physician in Seattle and a fellow with the group Physicians for Reproductive Health, recently met with them via telemedicine to talk about whether they wanted to continue the pregnancy.

“Talking to them about options counseling has been very different,” Yeh said. “They definitely had …

Trump attacks a Republican governor for following his coronavirus testing advice

Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) followed President Donald Trump’s advice and took coronavirus testing into his own hands. Trump attacked him anyway.

Trump began Monday’s White House coronavirus briefing by criticizing Hogan — chair of the National Governors Association — for turning to foreign source to buy coronavirus tests.

“The governor of Maryland didn’t really understand,” Trump said, describing a call that Vice President Mike Pence had with governors earlier in the day to encourage them to do more to increase coronavirus testing on their own. “He didn’t really understand what was going on.”