Kim Jong Un is alive. And he’s … at a fertilizer factory.

Well, it looks like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un isn’t dead after all.

In fact, he’s, uh, at a fertilizer factory.

For the last 21 days, the world has been wondering where Kim Jong Un is and if he’s even alive. Kim hadn’t been seen publicly since April 11. He missed a really important national holiday on April 15 honoring his grandfather, the country’s founder. State-run media didn’t publish any photos of a recent weapons test, which typically show the leader watching in approval. And official statements from the country have curiously lacked any direct comments from …

Remdesivir receives emergency approval as a Covid-19 treatment

The US Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorized remdesivir, an experimental antiviral drug, for emergency use to treat Covid-19.

The authorization allows the intravenous drug to be distributed to doctors to administer to patients with severe disease, namely patients with low blood oxygen or those needing breathing assistance with a mechanical ventilator.

Many health experts have had high hopes for the drug, which was initially developed by Gilead Sciences to treat Ebola, and it has since been used in experiments to treat the coronaviruses SARS and MERS. That early testing gave remdesivir a head start in the race for …

Why some labs work on making viruses deadlier — and why they should stop

Earlier this week, Newsweek and the Washington Post reported that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a lab near the site of the first coronavirus cases in the world, had been studying bat coronaviruses.

The Newsweek report revealed an alarming tidbit: The Wuhan lab at the center of the controversy had for years been engaged in gain-of-function research. What exactly is it? It’s a line of research where scientists take viruses and study how they might be modified to become deadlier or more transmissible. Why would they do this? Scientists who engage in it say that it helps them figure out …

The pandemic is hitting counties that voted for Hillary Clinton harder — for now

There’s a stark partisan difference in who has been affected by the coronavirus: Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to live in communities hit hard by Covid-19.

This has contributed to a partisan divide in attitudes about the pandemic, one in which Republican governors, lawmakers, and voters have remained broadly supportive of Trump — and have pushed for policies like the rapid reopening of businesses — while Democrats have not.

It is well known that the disease has disproportionately hit large cities and metropolitan areas. Given the geographic pattern of American political polarization, this also means that Democratic areas …

Elizabeth Warren is the favored VP pick among Democrats, poll shows

Sen. Elizabeth Warren may not be the likeliest vice-presidential pick for Joe Biden, but she’s emerging as the running mate Democratic voters would prefer most — and who they believe would be best for the job.

In a Data for Progress poll shared exclusively with Vox, the Massachusetts senator ranked first as the vice-presidential candidate likely Democratic voters think is most ready to be president and would be best at handling the coronavirus pandemic and implementing policies, including those that benefit working-class people.

Forty-two percent of poll respondents said they believe Warren is most ready to be president, followed …

Armed protesters entered Michigan’s state capitol during rally against stay-at-home order

Hundreds of demonstrators — some of them heavily armed — crowded into Michigan’s state capitol Thursday afternoon to protest against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s shelter-at-home order.

The demonstration began outside the capitol early in the day in heavy rain, but later in the afternoon, police allowed several hundred protestors — many not wearing masks — inside the building itself.

Protestors stood in the gallery while others attempted to gain access to the House floor, cramming themselves into the entryway chanting “Let us in!” They were held at bay by the chamber’s Sergeant-at-Arms.