Twitter has finally started fact-checking Trump

For the first time ever, Twitter has fact-checked President Trump’s tweets.

Until now, Twitter hasn’t taken any action against Trump’s account or tweets even when he has flouted the social media platform’s rules by posting false, harmful, or misleading content. Twitter’s rationale for letting Trump post these kinds of tweets has been that because he is a world leader, his posts are considered newsworthy and are therefore an exception to its policies. But after years of criticism about that stance, on Tuesday, the company added fact-check labels on two of Trump’s recent tweets that shared misleading information about voting …

Trump dismisses his own government’s guidance about masks as “politically correct”

President Donald Trump’s impromptu news conference late on Tuesday afternoon began with him musing about taking insulin just for fun and ended with him explaining his opposition to mail-in voting by characterizing voting as “an honor” (it’s actually a right). The stuff he said in between wasn’t any less wacky.

The event, which came on the same day that the official US coronavirus death toll closes in on 100,000 and was ostensibly about what his administration is doing to bring down the price of insulin, revealed how out of his depth Trump is in trying to respond to a public …

“Human capital stock”: White House adviser Kevin Hassett uses dehumanizing term for US workers

White House economics adviser Kevin Hassett went viral over the weekend for referring to American workers as “human capital stock” — a racially charged, dehumanizing turn of phrase that conjured up images of livestock.

“Our human capital stock is ready to get back to work,” Hassett told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday, as part of his argument that the US economy is poised for a quick turnaround, even as he acknowledged that the unemployment rate will linger in double figures through November’s election.

While many, including the House Democratic Caucus, took umbrage with Hassett’s remarks, others, such as …

Packing 20,000 people into an arena for the RNC is a bad idea. Trump wants it to happen anyway.

The idea of 20,000 people traveling from all parts of the United States to pack themselves into an arena amid an outbreak of a highly communicable, deadly disease that spreads especially efficiently indoors might sound ill-advised to most of us. But most of us are not President Donald Trump.

Ahead of the coronavirus pandemic, the GOP planned to have its 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. For obvious reasons, that’s no longer a sure thing — and Trump isn’t coping well with the uncertainty.

Despite new coronavirus cases continuing to show an upward trajectory in the state, …

LGBTQ people need queer spaces. The coronavirus has locked them out.

Emma thought that going off to Carleton College would be the beginning of a new life. The 18-year-old trans girl had struggled to come out in high school after repeated outings to her strict Italian Catholic parents in New Jersey.

“Those were difficult,” she told Vox. “I like to say that I negotiated my way back into the closet” to finish high school.

She thought college would become her salvation and chose the liberal arts school of about 2,000 students in Northfield, Minnesota, because of a visit, during one of her tours, to the on-campus LGBTQ center.

While Emma’s dad …