The president is a danger to the US military

When President Donald Trump looks at the military he leads, he doesn’t see a diverse group of Americans doing their jobs to protect and defend the country. He sees a massive force at his disposal solely to satisfy his personal and political whims — even if it means tarnishing the reputation of the institution he claims to love.

Since protests sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police last week, the president has failed — or, more accurately, refused — to heal the nation. Larger and larger demonstrations sprang up in every American state and …

Zoom wants to “work together” with the FBI. That may not be as bad as it sounds.

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Zoom can’t win. The videoconferencing service that catapulted to both fame and infamy during the pandemic was subjected to a fresh round of criticism on Wednesday. In a tweet, Bloomberg reporter Nico Grant quoted Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, who appeared to express his company’s enthusiasm for working with law enforcement to investigate its users.

But after the tweet went viral, Zoom said the feature Yuan discussed is actually part of a safety initiative to protect users from images of child abuse, which the platform has been criticized for helping to spread. As is so often the case with tweets, …

Chris Hayes on how police treat black Americans like colonial subjects 

“American criminal justice isn’t one system with massive racial disparities but two distinct regimes,” writes MSNBC host Chris Hayes in his book, A Colony in a Nation. “One (the Nation) is the kind of policing regime you expect in a democracy; the other (the Colony) is the kind you expect in an occupied land.”

George Floyd’s death and the brutal attacks on protesters reveal the bifurcated system Hayes describes. The idea that the US contains two entirely different operating models for policing and criminal justice is on grim display every day on our Twitter feeds, our televisions, and outside …

5 primary races to watch in Iowa

Update: Theresa Greenfield has won the Democratic primary for Senate and state Sen. Randy Feenstra has beaten Rep. Steve King in the Republican primary for the Fourth Congressional District.

Almost all of Iowa’s congressional delegation is contested this fall — and June 2’s primary is set to play a major role in shaping what those races look like.

Statewide, the race to watch is the Democratic Senate primary, which will determine the candidate who’ll go up against Sen. Joni Ernst, the state’s Republican incumbent and one of Democrats’ top targets. The seat, which Cook Political Report currently rates as Lean …

Live results for the June 2 primaries

Amid a week of nationwide protests, several states and the District of Columbia are holding primaries Tuesday featuring several competitive races for governor, US Senate, and congressional seats.

There are four competitive House races in Pennsylvania, a state that’s inextricably linked to Democrats’ chances of retaking the White House in 2020. In Iowa, there’s a Democratic Senate primary to decide who will challenge Republican Sen. Joni Ernst. That race will be closely watched race this fall, as Democrats see it as one that could help them retake control of the Senate.

In Montana, there are primaries for governor, US Senate, …