The 2 different Covid-19 scenarios that worry experts

No two coronavirus outbreaks are the same. While the country waits to see what effect the combination of economic reopenings, anti-police violence protests, and warmer weather will have, different places are facing different kinds of danger as the pandemic progresses.

In some places, new cases might have started to level off, but because those areas have already been hit hard by Covid-19, infections are still widespread. Their health systems could still be at risk of exceeding their capacity, even if cases are plateauing or starting to decline.

In other places, they are starting from a lower baseline in …

8 Can’t Wait, explained

Officials across the country are desperate to take swift, concrete steps to respond to protests against police brutality. Campaign Zero, which emerged from the police protests in Ferguson, Missouri, has come up with ideas that could fit the bill: They don’t cost any money and could be implemented very fast.

The hashtag for the campaign, #8CantWait, is trending on social media. It’s been endorsed by Oprah and Ariana Grande, and DeRay Mckesson is talking about it everywhere from GQ to Fast Company to The Bill Simmons Podcast.

The ideas include conduct remedies like banning chokeholds, changing reporting systems …

US Park Police: It was a “mistake” to say no tear gas was used in Lafayette Square

A US Park Police spokesperson said in an interview it was a “mistake” to insist in a statement on Tuesday that it didn’t use tear gas the day before in Lafayette Square to disperse a crowd ahead of President Trump’s photo op, explicitly noting that pepper balls shot by officials irritate the eyes and cause tears.

“The point is we admitted to using what we used,” Sgt. Eduardo Delgado said. “I think the term ‘tear gas’ doesn’t even matter anymore. It was a mistake on our part for using ‘tear gas’ because we just assumed people would think CS or …

Target’s history of working with police is not a good look right now

Target will temporarily close or limit hours at about 200 stores as protests over the death of George Floyd continue to sweep the nation. Other major retailers like Apple, CVS, and Walmart are doing the same. But Target, which is headquartered in Minneapolis and has a history of working with police there, seems to be getting a lot of attention. At least a few people have started spreading a refrain on social media: “Loot every Target.”

Looting Target specifically dates back to the first days of the protests in Minneapolis. The company’s Lake Street store — …