The racist history behind the 10 US Army facilities named after Confederate leaders

The US Army currently has 10 bases and facilities named after leaders of the Confederacy. Within the next few months, that number could possibly drop to zero.

On Monday, Army spokesperson Col. Sunset Belinsky told Politico that “The secretary of defense and secretary of the Army are open to a bipartisan discussion on the topic.”

That’s opened the door for the Army to reverse its long-held position on keeping the names honoring Confederate officers. The Army defended such a stance as recently as February, with a spokesperson telling Task & Purpose, “The Army has a tradition of naming installations …

New coronavirus cases reported at reopened Tesla factory. This doesn’t look great for Elon Musk.

In news that should surprise no one, workers at the Tesla factory reportedly have the coronavirus. Two anonymous workers told the Washington Post that “several cases” of Covid-19 had been confirmed at both the company’s Fremont, California, production plant and nearby at its smaller seat-assembly factory. Musk very publicly defied local officials when reopening his factories a few weeks ago.

Tesla has not yet confirmed the report, and the company did not respond to Recode’s request for comment. The Washington Post also did not say how serious the cases were, nor specify how many workers contracted the virus or …

Some voters are waiting hours to cast their ballots in Georgia. Here’s what we know.

The 2020 Election Day disasters keep rolling in.

After long lines in the Wisconsin primary two months ago, Georgia voters, who are trying to cast their ballots in the state’s primary elections, are being forced to wait hours in line as some polling places have closed and others have experienced malfunctioning voting equipment.

The problems appear to be centered in four counties: Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett, according to civil rights attorneys and local reports. The city of Atlanta sits in Fulton County; Cobb, DeKalb, and Gwinnett counties comprise some of the city’s suburban areas.

“Voters have been disenfranchised …

Live results for the June 9 primaries

With Joe Biden securing a majority of delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination on Saturday, the presidential primary is officially no longer the top race to watch.

Good thing there are plenty of other primary races to keep things interesting. Voters in four states are going to the polls on June 9 — Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Nevada. There are several competitive US Senate, gubernatorial, and US House races, plus some competitive state Supreme Court races in West Virginia. North Dakota is also holding primaries for its at-large House seat and governor’s race, although both are expected …

Study suggests Democrats should be running more ads about Biden, fewer about Trump

Groups that want to defeat President Donald Trump have already spent a decent chunk of money making and airing negative ads making the case Trump should not be reelected. A new survey experiment by political scientists David Broockman and Joshua Kalla suggests that this is probably a mistake. People have already heard a lot about Trump, and neither pro-Trump nor anti-Trump ads are very effective at shifting people’s perceptions of him.

By contrast, despite his 48 years in national politics, Joe Biden is not as well known. Both pro-Biden and anti-Biden messages can move the needle: People who don’t like …