Inside Jack Dorsey’s radical experiment for billionaires to give away their money

Billionaires are notoriously bad at something that should be quite easy: giving away their money.

In the pantheon of the ultra-rich, Jack Dorsey, as the world’s 410th-wealthiest person, is hardly the stingiest offender. But he has now kick-started one of the most radical experiments in this era of historic income inequality — whether it is possible to quickly give away more than $1 billion of his money, and to do it effectively. Dorsey is putting the lie to the claim from billionaires that this is impossible and that they need enormous teams, decades of deep study, total privacy, and, …

Big tech companies back away from selling facial recognition to police. That’s progress.

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Microsoft president Brad Smith announced on Thursday that his company did not sell facial recognition to the police, and would not until the government passes federal legislation regulating the technology. His statement follows a Wednesday announcement from Amazon explaining that the company would institute a one-year moratorium on police use of Rekognition, the company’s facial recognition software.

That change also comes after IBM’s announcement earlier this week that the company would no longer offer facial recognition products, citing the technology’s potential for abuse or misuse. As scrutiny of law enforcement ramps up, it looks as though there could be …

Do the soaring sales of anti-racism books signal a true cultural shift?

In the wake of the waves of police brutality at protests against the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other black people, Americans are turning to books to try to understand the United States’ history of structural and institutional racism. Over the past month, sales of books about anti-racism have surged dramatically.

Every one of the 10 books on the New York Times’s combined e-book and print nonfiction best-seller list this week is about anti-racism. The Times’s fiction list is topped by Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half, a just-released novel by a black author about race and …

Meet the Romney-Gary Johnson-Bloomberg voter who’s embracing Black Lives Matter

Last Tuesday, I tweeted out a photo of a truck parked in downtown Washington, DC, not far from the White House and the protests against police brutality and the killing of George Floyd that had engulfed the city.

It was the bumper stickers on the back of the late-model Toyota Tacoma that made me do it. They showed what seemed to be a political evolution of sorts, mirroring one that many Americans may be having in 2020: from a 2000 sticker for John McCain’s failed presidential campaign to a sticker supporting Mitt Romney’s candidacy in 2012 to ones supportive of …

Chuck Schumer warns that delays to stimulus will disproportionately hurt black Americans 

If statements from Senate Republicans are any indication, the timeline for the next stimulus package just keeps on slipping.

While lawmakers had previously argued that it could get done before the Senate leaves for a July Fourth recess, several have since said that’s no longer likely. “End of July … is frankly my sense of when I think we’ll have all the information we need to put the next bill together,” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) told Politico this week.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in a letter provided exclusively to Vox, is urging Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and …