Atlanta police shot and killed a 27-year-old black man outside a Wendy’s drive-through

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is investigating the killing of a 27-year-old black man, Rayshard Brooks, outside a Wendy’s drive-through in Atlanta by police on Friday night. The incident has further galvanized anti-racism and police brutality protests in the city and prompted activists to call for the firing of Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields — a call she responded to by resigning Saturday afternoon.

According to the GBI, Atlanta police officers were called to the scene around 10:30 pm after receiving a complaint of a man sleeping in his vehicle, which was blocking the drive-through and forcing other cars …

Trump’s West Point speech contradicts one of the biggest themes of his presidency

President Donald Trump gave a remarkably understated commencement speech at the West Point military academy on Saturday morning, declining to indulge in overt campaign rhetoric or mud-slinging at rivals as he spoke to a graduating class of uniformed cadets who wore face masks and sat in chairs spaced six feet apart.

But one part of his speech did stand out: his praise of the military as a source of apolitical stability over the course of American history.

“What has historically made America unique is the durability of its institutions against the passions and prejudices of the moment,” Trump said. “When …

The CDC — finally — has new guidelines for reducing Covid-19 risk post-lockdowns

At long last, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued new Covid-19 pandemic guidance documents to help the public minimize risk while venturing out into public spaces.

The CDC released two new guidance documents Friday. One is for individuals thinking about leaving the house to engage in activities like going to restaurants, nail salons, gyms, the bank, traveling, and hosting small gatherings like cookouts. The other lists considerations for event planners (with the disclaimer, “these considerations are meant to supplement—not replace—any state, local, territorial, or tribal health and safety laws, rules, and regulations with which gatherings must …

Fauci and the CDC caution against large gatherings as Trump hypes his campaign rally

President Donald Trump boasted about the size of the crowd at his upcoming Tulsa, Oklahoma, campaign rally on Friday, as Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued strong warnings about congregating in large groups.

“We have already had ticket requests in excess of 200,000 people,” the president wrote on Twitter, as he announced the event would be postponed by a day to keep it from falling on Juneteenth. “I look forward to seeing everyone in Oklahoma!”

Trump’s presidential campaign manager Brad Parscale later boasted that the number of registrations had topped 300,000 …

The most powerful person in the White House not named Donald Trump

Jared Kushner’s portfolio of duties is already the stuff of legend — overseeing the US-Mexico border wall, ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, solving the opioid crisis, managing the nation’s medical stockpile amid the coronavirus crisis, overhauling the Republican Party platform, and on and on.

It would be an impressive list of responsibilities for President Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law — were it not for the fact that Kushner is manifestly unskilled and unsuited to take on any one of them.

But that hasn’t stopped the president from continuing to turn to him — and Kushner from answering the …

Trump postpones his MAGA rally planned for Juneteenth

After much outcry, President Donald Trump has postponed the Make America Great Again Rally that was scheduled in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Juneteenth — a location and date that are conspicuously linked to key events in black American history.

Juneteenth, on June 19, marks liberation for black Americans, while Tulsa is the site of one of America’s deadliest racial massacres. The optics around the president’s event — a large gathering of supporters who often turn Trump’s racist tweets into chants like “send her back” — were being called out for insensitivity as the country battles two crises: one against racism and …