Democrats are grappling with calls to “defund the police”

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) explicitly rejected the “defund the police” slogan that has emerged among progressive activists fighting against police brutality and racism in recent weeks, saying on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that “nobody is going to defund the police.”

Later on the same program, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) embraced the term. She suggested defunding efforts are often misunderstood, and argued that they do not mean “that the community is not going to be kept safe.”

The disconnect between the two prominent Democrats symbolizes how “defund the police” is emerging as a wedge issue between the …

China is reporting the biggest coronavirus outbreak it has seen in two months

China reported on Sunday that the country had 57 new confirmed cases of coronavirus as of midnight on Saturday — the highest number of infections it has reported in two months.

The spike in cases — which appear to have originated in a wholesale food market in Beijing — has caused Chinese authorities to selectively lock down at-risk areas, highlighting how countries seeking a return to normalcy after reducing transmission of the virus are still at risk of new outbreaks.

For nearly two months, there had been almost no new cases of coronavirus reported in Beijing. But on Friday, one …

From coast to coast, protests against police brutality and racism are still going strong

Protests against police brutality and racism triggered by the police killing of George Floyd nearly three weeks ago continued over the weekend in towns and cities across the world — and even took on new momentum in some areas in response to the deaths of two more black men.

The continuation of widespread public demonstrations suggests the energy behind grassroots activists’ demands for racial justice and societal change remains high amid dramatic shifts in public opinion toward a broadly embraced and more pronounced rejection of racism in American life.

In Atlanta, hundreds of protesters marched, blocked a highway and set …