The 7 most disturbing allegations about Trump in John Bolton’s forthcoming book

John Bolton is publishing a book that recounts his tenure as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser. The Trump administration on Tuesday sued to delay its release, a week before it was set to be published. So, naturally, major news outlets have now “obtained” the book and are releasing the most explosive passages from the memoir.

And oh, boy.

Bolton’s book, The Room Where It Happened, contains numerous remarkable allegations about things President Trump said and did during his interactions with foreign leaders — none of which, it’s worth remembering, Bolton felt compelled to speak publicly about in the

Dexamethasone shows promise as a Covid-19 treatment

Scientists at Oxford University in the United Kingdom this week reported that a trial of the drug dexamethasone shows it may be the first treatment demonstrated to save the lives of Covid-19 patients.

Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid typically used to treat inflammation. It’s cheap, as little as $1 per dose. It’s also been around since the 1950s, is cleared for human use, and is available as a generic. That makes it an ideal option to treat severe cases of Covid-19, especially compared to more expensive, unproven drugs still in testing.

The research team reported that a 6-milligram daily dose …

How to turn off political ads in your Facebook News Feed

Facebook recently announced that it is now letting users turn off political ads on both their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Starting Wednesday, people will be able to turn off all social issue, electoral, or political ads from candidates, super PACs, or other organizations that have the “Paid for by” political disclaimer on them. The new move seems to be a compromise to critics who think Facebook shouldn’t let politicians lie in ads (Facebook largely allows this, arguing that moderating politicians’ speech would amount to censorship). Now, politicians can still spread half-truths and blatant lies in political ads — but …

The beauty industry profits off black women. Now black women are fighting for accountability.

At Revlon, only 5 percent of employees at the director level or above are black. At Sephora, just 6 percent of leadership roles are filled by black people. L’Oréal, a global company with 86,000 employees, counts 8 percent who identify as black at the executive level. No black people hold leadership roles at Glossier. And at Lime Crime, there are no black employees at the brand’s corporate headquarters at all.

Just a few weeks ago, it would have been nearly impossible to get these numbers from popular beauty companies. But over the past two weeks, …

College football players are taking a stand against racism — and taking a big risk

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, several of college football’s most prominent athletes are speaking out about racism and racial injustice on their campuses — some for the very first time.

But what’s more surprising is that in 2020, major college football coaches and programs are finally starting to listen. From joining Black Lives Matter protests to removing long-tenured staffers accused by players of racial bias, college football programs are beginning to respond to demands from players — players on whom those programs rely.

These athletes are part of a movement taking place across the sports world, from Nascar

Facebook still won’t take down politicians’ misleading posts, but it’s trying to register 4 million new voters

After deflecting criticism that it is not doing enough to stop the spread of political misinformation, Facebook says it’s expanding its efforts to get people to vote in the 2020 US presidential elections.

Starting in July and running through November, the company will begin reminding US users to register to vote with a message at the top of their Facebook and Instagram feeds. It will also point users to a new Voting Information Center that will tell people where and how they can vote in their geographic area, and it will surface verified posts from state election officials and local …