Trump just signed 4 executive orders providing coronavirus relief. It’s not clear if they’re all legal.

President Donald Trump signed four executive orders meant to provide coronavirus relief on Saturday, including a measure to extend federal enhanced unemployment benefits and a moratorium on housing evictions.

Trump’s use of executive authority comes after Senate Republicans and House Democrats failed to settle on the contents of the US’s next coronavirus relief package in more than two weeks of contentious negotiations. In those negotiations, Democrats hoped to extend the $600 federal unemployment insurance benefit created by the CARES Act, to broaden the scope of eligibility for stimulus checks, and to expand federal aid to states and cities.

Republicans were …

Thousands of protesters in Beirut call for “the fall of the regime” in the wake of the blast

Thousands of demonstrators faced tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes with police in Beirut, Lebanon, on Saturday in protests sparked by a massive explosion in the Lebanese capital last week. The blast killed more than 150, injured around 6,000, and left about 300,000 people without homes.

Experts say the blast, one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in recent history, its causes still unclear, has dramatically intensified political and economic crises that preceded the explosion, while further corroding public trust in Lebanon’s government.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in the city center, some gathering peacefully, and some …

Trump falsely claims coronavirus is “disappearing” and Russia isn’t meddling in the 2020 election

President Donald Trump called a surprise news conference on Friday night at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, speaking to reporters before a crowd of cheering club members who infused the event with the tone of a miniature campaign rally.

Trump used the occasion to again push false claims that Covid-19 is “disappearing,” contradicted his intelligence agencies’ findings on foreign interference in the election, and made misleading and questionable claims about using executive orders to break Washington gridlock — while also announcing plans to implement a policy that already exists.

Before the event started, Trump was caught talking …

How coronavirus devastated Texas’s vulnerable borderlands

It was a Friday night, and Ivan Melendez, the public health authority for Hidalgo County, Texas, had been on the job since 7 am. He was preparing to put in another 10 hours of work as he parked outside Edinburg Regional Medical Center, about a half-hour drive from the Mexican border.

He knew what to expect inside the hospital, where an office space has been converted into a temporary Covid-19 floor with about 50 beds separated by curtains. For months, he had witnessed scenes that had once been unimaginable: bed after bed of intubated and dying patients; people forced to …

Tulsi Gabbard’s seat is up for grabs in Hawaii’s congressional primary

The time has come to find out who’s likely to replace Tulsi Gabbard in representing Hawaii in Congress.

On Saturday, August 8, Hawaii will hold primaries for both of its congressional seats. The First Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Ed Case, is uncontested in the Democratic primary and likely a safe seat come November, as Hawaii is a reliably blue state. But the race to take over Gabbard’s seat in Hawaii’s Second Congressional District is a bit more interesting, with four candidates in the mix — though there’s a clear frontrunner.

Gabbard, 39, has served the Second District since …