Collina Strada 2020: Finally, Someone Made a Fashion Week Video That Feels Like a Ketamine Trip on a Farm!

We’re decidedly not digital Fashion Week haters over at GQ, but many of the video presentations have been a little…tasteful. You know: the camera caressing a beige knit while a totally intense part of a Bach partita plays… Some guy talking about pinch pots and craftsmanship… It’s all very beautiful, but it gets a little stale.

So imagine my excitement when Collina Strada, creators of downtown environmentalist-club-kid clothes, headed by Hillary Taymour, released a video for New York Fashion Week designed to disturb. Finally! A brand made a fashion video that feels like a ketamine trip on a …

Trump Again Scorns Science on Masks and Vaccines

Here’s what you need to know:



‘They Are Our Best Defense’: Redfield Renews Call to Wear Masks

Dr. Robert R. Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told senators that if all Americans wore masks, the coronavirus could be controlled in six to 12 weeks.

Today, and even after we have a vaccine, C.D.C. encourages all Americans to embrace the powerful tools that we have right now — to wear a mask, particularly when they’re in public, maintain social distancing, routine vigilant handwashing. Be smart about crowds, and stay home when you’re

USPS delays are affecting the businesses that need it most

Sofi Madison’s Boston gift shop Olives & Grace has been struggling for the past few months. First came the pandemic, then constant shipping issues. “It’s exclusively a small-business business. We only work with emerging makers,” she explained. “We’re able to rely on USPS. That’s how we ship, exclusively.”

For the past several months, Madison’s shipments from vendors, all of which are other small businesses, have started coming in late, affecting the shop’s delicate supply chain. “Part of that is Covid,” she said. “Supplies are delayed.” Luckily, she said, her own shipments to customers haven’t suffered much, a rarity she attributes …